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Who We Are

Educational Funding Solutions’ is a member of the Association of Certified College Funding Specialists.  Our mission is to help you and your student make the best financial and college choices for your family.  EFS has developed a process that anticipates what needs to be done to meet financial requirements and deadlines for over 4,000 public and private colleges. Correct and timely filing of paperwork is one of the biggest challenges for college-bound families. Busy parents can rest assured that EFS knows what needs to be done and when.

Admissions counselors (both at private and public schools) are great at assisting families in finding and applying to colleges, but they rarely, if ever, address how a family is going to pay for those colleges!

Educational Funding Solutions (EFS) fills that gap and provides:

  • the expertise you need to manage State- and Federally-regulated college funding
  • step by step help in making your way through the financial aid process for both private education (K-12) and college
  • the confidentiality a family’s finances deserve

Our Team has roots going back to 1973, and during that time, we’ve seen college costs soar at double or more the rate of inflation! We have responded to this crisis by assembling a team of college planning experts that help families learn how to pay for college without destroying their current lifestyle and future retirement.

While EFS works with all college-bound families, we especially focus on the needs of families who do not qualify for need based financial aid. We specialize in helping self-employed parents, small business owners, franchise holders, and families with trusts, major home equity and other large asset bases that can be destroyed by the financial aid formulas.

To help as many college-bound families as possible, EFS partners with numerous not-for-profit organizations doing free, no-sales, community workshops.  EFS team members are available to speak at schools, churches, service clubs, trade associations and other venues.


Dennis Stewart is President and Founder of Educational Funding Solutions and a Certified College Funding Specialist.  He is a much sought-after speaker and works directly with organizations and corporations educating members and employees on how to make higher education an affordable reality, without jeopardizing the family’s current lifestyle or retirement goals. He is the author of two books: “Securing Financial Aid To Fund College” and “The College-Retirement Solution and Tax-Free Retirement.” Through the utilization of these resources and the personal guidance from Dennis, parents have been able to fund their student’s college education in safe creative ways.

Let Dennis and his team of experts help you and your family.

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