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What We Do

Financial Strategy

Learn the secrets of college funding and how to pay for college the right way. EFS will help you develop a financial strategy that will cut your out-of-pocket costs.

Support Staff

Correct and timely filing of paperwork is one of the biggest challenges for college-bound families. Our families have their forms completed by EFS’ experienced staff who will be happy to answer your questions throughout the college planning process. They are just a phone call away.

Over the years, EFS has developed a process that anticipates what needs to be done to meet financial aid deadlines and requirements for over 4,000 public and private colleges.  Most parents find that relying on their child to keep up with deadlines is ineffective, and there is too much at stake to risk letting the forms and papers get buried under incoming bills and the rest of the paperwork that swamps busy families every day.

You can count on the experienced staff at EFS to file your federal aid applications and to guide you each step of the way.  No more confusing questions such as, “What are the deadlines for forms?  How will we meet those deadlines?  What information do we need to provide?  How will we know if we’re on track?”  EFS is only a phone call away.

Reduce Your Out-of-Pocket Costs

We will show you legal, balanced and appropriate ways to reduce your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) by using up-to-date and powerful “Income and Asset Planning Strategies.” We will also make recommendations for paying your out-of-pocket costs on a “tax-favored” basis whenever possible, taking into consideration your 4 biggest cash outflows: taxes, home/mortgage, retirement and college.

Comprehensive College/Career Assessment Program

The major reason why 56% of students who complete their freshman year of college drop out is because they are in the wrong major, at the wrong college, for the wrong reasons.  Our unique Comprehensive College/Career Assessment Program allows students to assess their interests, learning skills, values and careers to determine potential majors, colleges and careers.  Parents looking for a career change find this program helpful also.

Determine % of Need Met by Colleges

Colleges have different aid standards. It is important to know which schools may be the most generous to your student, depending on his or her unique set of abilities and characteristics. As you have no doubt learned, different schools are looking for different qualifications in a student, so it can literally pay to know which schools might most highly value your student.


Electronically File Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

To be eligible for any college aid (grants, scholarships and loans), all college-bound families must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid in January, based on income and asset estimates. While it appears to be a simple form, the Department of Education freely admits that you only have a 10% chance of getting it right without help.  EFS will file electronically for you, and we get it right the first time. The FAFSA is free to everyone by going to http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/.

Electronically File CSS Financial Aid Profile (FAP)

Ten percent of private colleges require an additional aid application known as the CSS Profile, (there is an additional charge for this service), which EFS files electronically for you. Over 800 intrusive questions cover everything from home equity and retirement plans to medical expenses and even what you paid on the cars you own.  It’s crucial that the answers match the FAFSA. If you are divorced or own your own business there are two additional supplemental forms. The way all of these forms are answered greatly impacts your potential aid.

Analyze Student Aid Report (SAR) & Taxes

When you complete your federal taxes, EFS reviews them and makes any necessary corrections to your FAFSA electronically.

Review Aid Awards

We review each aid offer and help you develop a negotiation strategy if the offer is substantially less than expected based on historical standards.  If you have a substantial reduction in income or any other circumstance that would impact the aid your family is entitled to, EFS will help with the preparation of an appeal.

Assistance with Student & Parent Loans

Low-interest college loans are considered financial aid. Our staff will help you determine the best loans or other ways of paying for college expenses without tapping your retirement funds or other assets.

Peace of Mind

Working with EFS, you will have PEACE OF MIND as you make major financial decisions that will impact your current standard of living and your future retirement.

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