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Wonderful family-great accomplishments…

First I want to tell you that Carley will be graduating from American University on 5/13/18 and that she already has a job lined up. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance in helping make my passion and dream come true (that my girls would have the opportunity that I didn’t to attend college).  I am overwhelmed with what has transpired in the life of my girls, from LMU, USC (first daughter) to AU and internships on Capitol Hill and currently at the NRCC which opened the door to a job opportunity that sought Carley out.

As you know we are a working middle class family trying to provide for our girls. We didn’t have a whole lot to start with but with your guidance you helped what we did have to grow and become sufficient to get both of our girls through college, specifically through schools we never imagined would be within our reach. Thank you.

-Rosa, from Ventura

No need to change your lifestyle . . .

“Coming up with $38,000 for our son’s first year at Notre Dame was very stressful and added to our monthly financial burden. Your “cash flow” solution for his remaining years was incredible. We don’t have to change our lifestyle at all, add to our existing monthly cash outflow or tap into our retirement. This is amazing! How do we thank you?”

– Rachael, from Newbury Park
Don’t sacrifice your retirement . . .

“After executing your “cash flow college affordability” solution, my wife and I are so relieved that we can send our daughters to college without sacrificing our retirement. We just might be able to afford those two weddings you talked about! Thanks again for all your help.”
– Roger, from Thousand Oaks

Changing tax custodian increases aid . . .

Thank you for saving our family $13,230 per year in college costs! My ex had been claiming our son because it saved him more in taxes. I’m self-employed and make less. Per EFS, I became the tax custodian during college years, and our son didn’t apply to any Profile colleges that would have combined the parents’ income and assets. We also sheltered my assets and my son’s assets so they are not included in the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). These steps reduced our EFC and made us eligible for Cal Grants, college grants and subsidized FFEL loans!
– Ramona, from Camarillo

Mastering the “The Maze” . . .

“The college funding “MAZE” that you talked about at your workshop is certainly a lot easier when you have a professional company helping you through it. Thanks for being there for us.”
– Kathy, from Simi Valley

Great job . . .

“After seeing what you came up with as a solution for us to afford to send our kids to college, we wonder why parents are not lined up outside your offices. Great Job!”
– Jim, from in Westlake Village

Offer exceeds need . . .

“Our daughter received an aid offer that exceeded her “need.” We had an Expected Family Contribution of over $16,000. Our daughter had worked hard and had great grades, as well as a good SAT I score and a major that made her very desirable to the college. To entice her to choose their school, the financial aid offered by the college put the total out-of-pocket cost to her parents at $10,000 – over $6,000 per year in savings! One of the secrets is that this very respected college is considered a 2nd Tier school and is not a ‘name brand’. It’s a good example of what can happen if the student picks the right colleges.
– Marianne, from Thousand Oaks

What a relief . . .

“Our retirement is very important to us. Your college affordability solution gave us the opportunity to send our two sons to the college of their choice without having to tap into our retirement. What a relief! Thanks.”
– Angie, from Moorpark, CA

Paying for college without financial aid . . .

“When we went to your workshop and heard you say that we could send our daughter to college without relying on financial aid, we were confused to say the least. After having you share your solution with us, we now understand what you meant. We didn’t think we were eligible for any type of aid, so your solution was a pleasant surprise. Thank you.”
– Chris, from Agoura Hills

Potential Scholarships from Private Colleges . . .

“We still can’t believe that our daughter received an offer of $10,000 per year for 4 years at one of the “Seven Sisters” schools – elite private women’s colleges. The irony of the story is that we didn’t even know about this college until we started working with EFS, and our daughter was “positive” she wouldn’t be accepted. It turned out to be one of the most financially viable of all her colleges. I guess the moral of the story is to research all possible schools with your major and to apply even if you don’t think you have a chance for admission!”
– Jeff, from Woodland Hills

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